Lorne Toy Library

Conditions of Membership


Membership Fees
1 child $60 p.a. + $20 bond 1 floor toy + 3 bagged toys
2+ children $70 p.a. + $20 bond 2 floor toy + 5 bagged toys
Group $120 p.a. + $20 bond 2 floor toy + 6 bagged toys
Health care and senior card holders receive $20 discount.
6 monthly memberships available on request.
Terms and conditions
  1. Members must agree to indemnify the Library, its members and staff against all loss or liability, however caused, arising from any borrowing of any toys.
  2. Members must be willing to receive communications by email and mobile phone, and ideally be able to access the on-line MiBase software.
  3. While there is no official “space”, toys will be exchanged by arrangement with the other members and as such members must be willing to share their mobile phone number with the other members to facilitate that exchange.
  4. Membership fees are to be paid in full at the beginning of the membership period.  Annual renewals are due by the end of the anniversary month of joining.
  5. Only people living at the address on the membership form may borrow toys, which are to remain at that address for the duration of the borrowing period.
  6. Borrowing rights may be suspended until all fees and fines are paid in full.
  7. Part of the membership responsibilities are to participate in roster duties and the annual stocktake, and to arrange duty swaps if required.
  8. The loan period is a maximum of 2 weeks and toys can be re-borrowed up to 4 times by notifying the MiBase Administrator, for as long as no-one reserves it.
  9. Members may borrow floor toys for as long as they wish or until someone else wants to borrow them. 
  10. The person currently recorded in MiBase as having the toy on loan is fully responsible for that toy, and is responsible for emailing the MiBase Administrator to notify the name of the member they have given that toy to and whether they misplaced or damaged any pieces during the term of their loan.  The condition of the toy will then be verified with the new borrower.
  11. Members must agree to pay the fines as per the current schedule which include fines for missing parts, damaged toys, overdue items and missed toy transfer appointments with other members.  These fines are in the order of $2-$10 each.
  12. The member currently borrowing a toy and the member about to borrow that toy, must both check that all pieces are in the bag or container and that the toy is not damaged.  Any missing items must be reported to the MiBase Administrator by the new borrower and the relevant fine will be recorded within Mibase for later payment.
  13. Members will be fined for missing pieces according to the effect that the missing piece will have on the play value of the toy as a whole.  If a puzzle is returned with a missing piece, the member will be asked to pay 50% of the replacement cost.  The MiBase Administrator should be notified of any missing pieces found and any fine paid will be refunded.
  14. Members who return badly damaged toys will be fined in accordance with the fine schedule which will be dependent upon the damage. In the event that a member’s bond is used for repair or replacement, the member will be asked to renew their bond in order to continue borrowing.
  15. Toys must be cleaned prior to return.
  16. Upon receipt of a resignation form, the bond shall be refunded providing all items have been returned in good condition and all outstanding fees paid.
  17. The toy library reserves the right to terminate membership and/or refuse membership renewal

Missing or damaged part fines:

  • Doesn’t affect enjoyment of toy = $2
  • Affects the enjoyment of toy = $5
  • Toy can’t be used without that part or puzzle piece = $10

If a toy is lost or misplaced in its entirety:

  • Fine = ½ the cost of the toy

Refunds are given for returned and fixed parts

Missed duties and appointments = $5